Screen Shot 2014-06-07 at 9.43.40 PMFUTBOLISTAS 4 LIFE is a documentary about a group of teens in Oakland, California, who campaign to transform their “prison playground” into a soccer field.  In the last few years, these teens have lost four young people to gun violence in their small public high school. Their soccer club has become a space where they discuss their experiences with violence, poverty and immigration while strategizing ways to support their community. The film shows the passion and resiliency of these teens who create a legacy for future generations. 



The United States faces an epidemic of gun violence, averaging 31 deaths a day across the country. FUTBOLSITAS 4 LIFE takes a closer look at a lethal problem that is affecting the daily lives of children who live in under-resourced urban communities. These are kids who just want to be kids, to walk to school safely, to play outside, to graduate high school and to make a better life for themselves and their families.

In 2012, there were 131 homicides across all of Oakland – the highest in six years. Soccer becomes a uniting force for the high school students in this film, who come to call themselves “Futbolistas 4 Life.” By bringing the community together around a new soccer field, they are determined to stop the cycle of violence in their community with courage, willpower and optimism.

FUTBOLISTAS 4 LIFE will inspire change in communities across the country that face similar challenges. It’s a story that will have an impact on not only youth, but also teachers, coaches, city leaders and policymakers. FUTBOLISTAS 4 LIFE is a story about youth standing up and saying, “no more violence.” And then doing something about it. Help us tell this story.




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